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Engage Now!
Table of Contents

Part I: The Mission of Arts Organizations  

Chapter One: Systemic Challenges and Internal Issues  

Systemic Challenges: 20-35

Chapter Two: What Is the Arts Business?

The Benefits of the Arts: 38-39

Chapter Three: The Way Forward: New Understanding of Mission 

The Metamission of the Arts: Art and Service: 46-47

Examining the Mission Model: 48-49

Arts Missions for the 21st Century: 49-56


Part II: A Community Engagement Primer

Chapter Four: Engagement Essentials  

The Quality Bugaboo: 67-70

Selected Myths about Community Engagement: 73-74

The Practice of Engagement
Chapter Five: The Engagement Process: Principles and Practice 

The Engagement Process (Introduction): 76-78

The Pandering Straw Man: 78-82

The Engagement Process (continued): 82-87

Chapter Six: Engaged Arts: Organizations  
Chapter Seven: Engaged Arts: Artists (Entrepreneurship)

The Artist-Entrepreneur: 156-163

Chapter Eight: The Engagement Process: An Operational Blueprint 

Arts Predispositions: 178-182

A Benediction: It’s Not Easy


Conclusion: 213-219

Appendices I-VII

Readiness Assessment Questions: Appendix VII