ArtsEngaged exists:

  1. To encourage artists, arts organizations, and those they serve to view themselves as equal partners in building better communities; and
  2. To train and support them toward that end.

ArtsEngaged believes that close working relationships among artists, arts organizations, and the broader community enable better living conditions for all and create a healthier, more sustainable environment for the arts.

Advocate among artists and arts organizations–for the adoption of a community engagement agenda; encourage the broader community to ask for community-focused arts.

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  • Engaging Matters (
  • Building Communities, Not Audiences: The Future of the Arts in the U.S.
  • Presentations for state and local arts agency conferences/meetings highlighting the merits of substantive engagement.
  • Presentations for community groups (e.g., United Way, government agencies) highlighting the potential of the arts for building stronger communities.

Train artists and arts organizations in the skills required for engagement; prepare communities for arts-based collaborations.

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  • Artists/Arts Organizations
    • In the community: Workshops and residencies on the process of and tools for engagement (including social practice training programs for artists)
    • In higher education: Presentations, workshops, residencies, and certificate programs on the process of and tools for engagement designed for arts administration, dance, music, theatre, and/or visual arts students
  • Community workshops and residencies
    • Presentations to community organizations on working with the arts
    • Facilitated conversations between artists/arts organizations and community members/organizations

Support artists and arts organizations in transitioning to community-focused engagement.

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