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To advocate on behalf of, provide preparation for, and support Community Engagement, ArtsEngaged offers the following services:

Advocacy for Engagement


In order to encourage discussion and promote the value of community engagement, we advocate for the practice through conference presentations, workshops, blogging on’s Engaging Matters, and promotion of our books, Building Communities, Not Audiences: The Future of the Arts in the U.S. and Engage Now! A Guide to Making the Arts Indispensable.

  • Keynote/Plenary Presentations
  • Book Signings
  • Conference Sessions & Local Arts Agency Workshops
  • Board Presentations




ArtsEngaged offers customizable workshops on topics related to community engagement and the arts.
These can be tailored for boards of directors, staff members, donors, artists, or students.
Some samples are listed below.

To learn more about workshop content and more workshop topics, visit Services Overview.

Community engagement: Myths, Motives, & Means

Community engagement holds great potential for invigorating arts organizations and supporting healthier communities. Unfortunately, there is much misunderstanding about what it is and what it is not. This facilitated conversation, designed for arts organizations’ internal stakeholders, will address the relevant issues and lay the groundwork for efforts to increase relevance to the community.

arts and community engagement: new thinking Yields new options

This workshop, designed for practicing artists who want to develop a community focus in their work, examines the close connection between arts entrepreneurship and community engagement.

Engaging for success

This workshop is intended for those interested in or curious about the potential that community engagement represents for the arts. Its focus is on relevant background, definitions, and advocacy regarding the importance of engagement for the future of the arts.

Engagement: making it real

ArtsEngaged's flagship offering, this workshop provides opportunity to examine how community engagement can be incorporated into the fabricof what arts organizations already do, recognizing the fact that resources do not exist to "do one more thing."

  • Part I–Understanding Engagement
    Terminology, rationales for, misunderstandings about, and principles of successful community engagement.
  • Part II–The Engagement Process
    An overview of the process of planning for and implementing community engagement strategies.


Preparing artists for the future: A Higher education residency

Presentations for students and consultation with faculty on preparation for careers in the arts that understand the importance of community focus–awareness, communication, and experience in the skills required to effectively interact with the public.

Custom workshop

For presentations, workshops, residencies, and certificate programs. More topics and workshop content, visit Services Overview.


Distance-Learning Courses

Community Engagement Training

CET Trainer Cohort.png

understanding engagement - 1 session

This training is designed for board members, upper level staff of arts organizations, anyone else wishing to better understand community engagement as it applies to the arts. It introduces basic concepts of and rationales for community engagement.


CET Trainer -  7 sessions

This training is for individuals who would like to become trainers. They will develop skills in preparing others to lead arts organizations to more effective community engagement. 


CET Cohort model - 5 sessions

This training is designed for anyone (organization-based teams or individuals) interested in helping arts organizations connect more deeply with their communities. It emphasizes the means of implementing a community engagement agenda.




ArtsEngaged provides consultancy support to organizations for detailed planning and implementation of community engagement infrastructure and activities. In the interest of cost effectiveness, small and medium size organizations can be grouped in cohorts to receive this support together. Larger organizations are dealt with on an individual basis.

While each organization is unique, the following presents the elements generally included in the process:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Internal Advocacy Plan (If necessary)
  • CE Plan–Internal: Goals, Strategies, Tactics
    • Mission, Goals, and Infrastructure
    • Training
    • Mainstreaming Engagement
  • CE Plan–External: Partnering
    • Develop/Enhance Relationships
    • Maintain Relationships


Plus specially designed presentations, workshops, and consultancies for individual arts organizations and institutions of higher education.