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Understanding Engagement: Supplemental

Understanding Engagement: Supplemental Readings/Discussion Questions

Definitions Readings

Principles Discussion Questions

Hypothetical Case Studies: Read scenarios and ratings. Consider the reasoning behind the ratings listed.

  1. West Side Story

  2. Vivaldi, Four Seasons, "Spring"

  3. Michael Tippett's Child of Our Time (Exx. A, B, C): This work is an oratorio written in response to Kristallnacht. It employs African-American spirituals to highlight issues of racism and oppression.       

  • In each of the case studies, do the ratings seem reasonable to you?

  • Do you have questions about any of them?

  • In which cases do you believe you would need more information to be able to accurately assess the project?

  • Which questions/categories seem most indicative of a) audience development, b) audience engagement, and c) community engagement?

  • How (if at all) has reviewing the case studies influenced your understanding of a) audience development, b) audience engagement, and c) community engagement?

For Advanced Consideration

  • Download the Audience Relationships Project Checklist and the Community Relationships Project Checklist found here. Based on a project in which you participated or which you know well, complete the forms. Include organization name, project name, description of project, URL link to project information, and, where applicable or appropriate, comments on the reason for your rating. Which type of project do you consider it to be? Why? Be prepared to describe and discuss your project and ratings.

  • Be able to honestly evaluate how well the project you evaluated demonstrated adherence to the principles and identify those areas where it could have done better. (Very few projects successfully model all the principles.) A principal role of cohort members in this conversation is devil's advocacy: explore ways in which the presented project is not community engagement or could be made more effective.

Principles Readings

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