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Building Communities Not Audiences

Table of Contents


PART I: The Arts/Community Divide

Chapter One: Historical Background: How Did We Get Here?
Chapter Two: Rationale/Imperative for Change
Chapter Three: Obstacles to Change

PART II: The Road to Community Engagement

Section 1: Theory and Process of Engagement

Chapter Four: A Conceptual Framework for Community Engagement


Economic Development and the Arts, Tom Borrup and Stephanie Moore
The Arts and Education
Community Building and the Arts

The Arts as Community Citizen, Lyz Crane

Chapter Five: Principles for Effective Engagement
Chapter Six: Preparation and Project Development
Chapter Seven: Evaluation (Evaluating Impact, Appreciating Evaluation, Barbara Schaffer Bacon and Pam Korza): Pdf available here

Section 2: Tools for Engagement: Modes of thinking for Community Engagement

Chapter Eight: Structural Options (Organizational Models in the Arts and Culture Sector, James Undercofler)
Chapter Nine: Cultural Mapping, Stephanie Moore and Tom Borrup
Chapter Ten: Public Value, Community Engagement, and Arts Policy
Chapter Eleven: Creative Entrepreneurship (Creative Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Community Engagement, Susan Badger Booth)
Chapter Twelve: Social Media (Participatory Culture and the Arts, Doug Borwick and David Dombrosky)
Chapter Thirteen: Public Art (Public Art for Community Change, Helen Lessick)

PART III: The Practice of Engagement

Section 1: Examples and Case Studies

Chapter Fourteen: A Taxonomy of Community Arts Projects
Chapter Fifteen: Art Museums: Queens Museum of Art (Being a Good Neighbor: Queens Museum of Art’s Experiments in Community Engagement, Prerana Reddy)
Chapter Sixteen: Dance: Ballet Memphis (A Dance Company’s Irresistible Call to Community Engagement, Dorothy Gunther Pugh)
Chapter Seventeen: Chamber Music: Providence String Quartet/Community MusicWorks (Engaging Community from a Storefront: Community MusicWorks’ Ongoing Experiment, Sebastian Ruth)
Chapter Eighteen: Opera: Houston Grand Opera (HGOco: company, community and collaboration, Sandra Bernhard and Doug Borwick)
Chapter Nineteen: Orchestra
Chapter Twenty: Theatre: Pillsbury House Theatre (Minneapolis) (An Audience of One– Building Community from the Inside Out, Noel Raymond and Denise Kulawik)

Section 2: A Brief Overview of Community Arts Practice: Outside the Mainstream

Chapter Twenty-one: History of Community Arts (Arts-based Community Development: Where Did We Come From?, Maryo Gard Ewell)
Chapter Twenty-two: State of the Field (Arts-based Community Development: Mapping the Terrain, William Cleveland)

Section 3: Community Engagement Training

Chapter Twenty-three: The Community Arts Training Institute (CAT) of the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis, Roseann Weiss
Chapter Twenty-four: Curriculum/Content for Community Engagement Training

Epilogue: Reflections on the Practice of Community Engagement

PART IV: The Future of the Arts in the U.S.

Chapter Twenty-six: Essays on Engagement

“Claiming Value, Illuminating Common Purpose” Ben Cameron
“Changing Our Future” Russell Willis Taylor
“Producer-Consumer Engagement: The Lessons of Slow Food for the Reflective Arts” Diane Ragsdale

Chapter Twenty-seven: Winds of Change

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